A Quiet Mind - for health and happiness

By deeply relaxing and meditating you can learn to abide in a more healthy and natural state of being which gives rise to feelings of calmness, peace and contentment.

Sound too good to be true? Why not come along to a class where you will be gently guided through a simple series of exercises designed to release tension from the body and mind - leaving you perfectly prepared to relax and meditate with natural ease.

Meditator sitting in chair

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this practice affiliated with any religion?

    No. Although many types of meditation and relaxation techniques have been developed and used by various religious traditions, these practices not affiliated to any. These simple techniques are for all to enjoy!

  • What should I bring to the class?

    Please wear comfortable clothing that you can do some gentle exercise in. You will also need a blanket and if you wish to sit on the floor in meditation then please also bring a cushion.

  • Who are these classes suitable for?

    Beginners & those with some experience, men & women, young & old, fit & less abled - all are welcome. However, any significant physical or emotional difficulties should be mentioned to Sam before attending a class.

  • What benefits will I get from meditating?

    Over the last 50 years there have been many thousands of studies carried out on the benefits of relaxation and meditation. Some of the more commonly experienced benefits are: reduced stress & anxiety, peace of mind, happiness, better concentration, spontaneity, creativity, etc.

  • What type of meditation is taught?

    Sam is trained in both Mindfulness (MBSR - as used within the health service) and also Dru meditation and Relaxation which has its roots in Yogic practices. Most classes will be structured around the principles of Dru meditation and relaxation as it is the most effective for beginners and it also has a progressive structure for those who wish to become more advanced.

  • Where are the meditation and relaxation classes held?

    Currently only in Formby, but there may be introductory courses held in other locations later in the year. If you wish to join one of these courses then please leave your contact details in the form at the bottom of this page.

  • Are classes suitable for those physically less abled?

    Yes, but if you have any serious physical or psychological health problems please tell Sam before you attend a class so that he can ensure you can be catered for.

Weekly Public Meditation Classes